Friday, 18 November 2011

Topic Recount - Gingerbread Men Sewing

Last Friday in Room 11 we made Gingerbread men.  First we got some hessian and one template, then we had to use chalk to go around the Gingerbread man template.  After that we did some sewing.  I used pink wool and a pink needle.  My chalk colour was pinkish orange.  Then we had to sew on the beads.  I used two purple beads and one pink bead.  After two days we stuck on two googly eyes.  I used red eyes and a pink mouth.  We glued it with hot glue guns.  It was as fun as can be!
By Orpita
On Friday in Room 11 I did some great sewing.  First I had to wait because we used templates and I was third to be passed the template in the shape of a Gingerbread Man.  Then we had to go to the mat.  Mrs Smith showed us how to sew the shape.  We went back to our table to do it ourselves.  Before we went to our table we went to the parent with the colour wool that we wanted.  Then we went to our table and threaded the wool through the needle and tied a knot in the other end.  We went back and forth with the needle untill we had finished the shape of the Gingerbread Man.  As soon as we went to the mat we got to know how to sew the buttons on.  We went back to our table to do that!  We had to take the needle out to sew the buttons on.  Then we were done for the day.  On Monday 15 of November Mrs Page came to parent help, she helped us glue the eyes and mouth on.  I had so much fun sewing I wish we could start again!
By Gizelle
On Friday I did sewing.  First we used the template to go around with chalk to make a Gingerbread Man shape.  Then we sat on the mat.  Mrs Smith told us how to sew.  Mrs Smith said that Mrs Smith's mum is sewing the edges of the Gingerbread Man at home.  It was fun using the Glue gun to stick the mouth and eyes on.
By Jooeun
On Friday I did sewing.  It was fun but there were no eyes for the Gingerbread Man.  The next day Gizelles mum came to help us.  She used a glue gun to stick the eyes and mouth onto the Gingerbread man.  So my Gingerbread man was finished.
By Daniel
On Friday Room 11 did some Gingerbread Men.  First we got some hessian.  Then some parents came in to help.  We got a template and with chalk we went around the template.  Then we went to the mat for the next tip.  The next tip was to sew around the Gingerbread Man.  We put the beads on for the buttons then we were done.
By Corrina-Anne
Last Friday in Room eleven we started making some presents for mum and dad for Christmas.  First we got some black material that is called hessian then put on our Gingerbread Man shaped template and pushed it really hard.  Then I got a little blue chalk and went over the template, the Gingerbread Man template kept on moving.  But Mrs Smith said "there was no more hessian".  When we were all finished drawing around the template we all came back to the mat and Mrs Smith told us the next step.  It was the sewing.  There was a little hole on the needle that was the hole to put the wool in.  So we put wool through the hole then started sewing.  On Monday Mrs Page came into our Room to help us stick on our eye balls and our mouth for our Gingerbread Man.  I got a green eye ball and a happy yellow mouth. I will ask my teacher next year at Christmas if we could do sewing again.
By Langkee 
On Friday Room 11 did some sewing.  I used white wool.  What we had to do, was we had to get some chalk.  I used pink.  It wasn't very hard because there were parent helpers there.  We did it on the hessian and we used the needle to thread it in.  It was really fun, we had to remember to go in and out.  After yesterday we glued on the eyes, when we were finished with the eyes we glued on the mouth, mine was pink.  And then we were finished.
By Ayat 


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