Thursday, 23 February 2012

Look At Us


  1. Hi Room 11,

    We enjoyed looking around your class room. You have a very nice room and it looks like you are all working very hard!
    We like your round tables! Our tables are rectangles and look very different to yours! What is it like working on a round table?
    We also like the art hanging in your room. It is very colourful.
    We think the shields on your board look good. What do you use them for?


  2. Hi 1L

    It is sometimes a bit bumpy working at our round tables because there is a join down the middle. It can sometimes be very noisy too. How many people do you have around each table?
    The Shields are used to get house points, you can get house points by being a good student. Every student at our school belongs to one of the houses. There are 4 houses which are named after Island around Auckland. Rakino, Kawau, Waiheke, Motuihe.

    All the Children in Room 11