Sunday, 10 June 2012


In groups we connected the straws to make some structures.  Look what we made...


  1. Wow. What fantastic structures you made! They were very tall. What did you use to stick the straws together? You must have all worked well together to make them. Well done!
    From Mrs. K and Room 4 at Craigburn P.S.

  2. We used special pegs that came with the straws.

    From Room 11

  3. I like making all of the things

    from SL

  4. Your constructions look amazing and it looks like you all enjoyed making them and felt proud when you had finished. My class is learning about working together as teams - maybe we will try it too! I shall have to see if I can find where to get the straws and pegs from. Well done, from Mrs Fisher & 2Palm, Leeds UK

  5. Wow those things are so awesome. I love them all.
    from Brianna Wilson

  6. Greetings from Heathfield,

    How did you make them so tall? How did you stop them falling over? Well done, you did a great job. This is fantastic work.

    From Year 1 at Heathfield and Miss Jefferson